In the latest real-time account takeover (ATO) scheme, cybercriminals use malware to steal user credentials at login, block users from logging in and use credentials in real-time to log into the victim’s account. Current fraud prevention technologies are simply not capable of identifying and preventing these attacks and are overloading bank fraud prevention operation teams with unnecessary false positive alerts. To address these state of the art attacks, a new, holistic approach to fraud prevention is needed.

In this webinar, George Tubin, Trusteer’s Senior Security Strategist, presents the key elements of holistic fraud prevention and discusses how this approach is the most effective way to prevent fraud and achieve FFIEC compliance.

This webinar will address:
  • Attack vectors that must be addressed as part of a comprehensive fraud prevention and FFIEC compliance strategy
  • The strengths and weaknesses of point solutions and why a holistic
    approach is required
  • How Trusteer integrates malware prevention, phishing protection, and complex device identification to conclusively stop fraud and achieve FFIEC compliance
  • The four key capabilities provided by Trusteer’s holistic fraud prevention platform