Mobility on Hold
Mobile banking continues to gain momentum, growing faster than any other delivery channel to date. Many financial institutions want to expand capabilities in the mobile channel, but are concerned about security. Given the evolving threats, mobile innovation has outpaced the industry’s appetite for deploying new capabilities.
Fortunately, new security measures are available to mitigate the risks associated with advanced mobile banking and payment capabilities.  The key to protecting the mobile channel is to realize that it is deeply connected to the online channel.  Effective protection must consider risk indicators that span both channels and extend to both to protect against the full range of attack vectors.

Download this white paper to learn about:

The mobile threat landscape and the latest techniques used by cybercriminals
The importance of a mobile risk engine that that ingests device and account risk factors for the online and mobile channels to perform a real-time mobile risk assessment
How comprehensive mobile risk assessment is required by the FFIEC Guidance
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