New account fraud and account takeover fraud have dramatically increased over the past two years. Among the drivers of this increase is the fact that sophisticated cybercrime techniques easily circumvent current fraud prevention technologies, including authentication and anomaly detection systems.  

In this webinar,  Etay Maor, Trusteer’s Senior Product Marketing Manager and George Tubin, Trusteer’s Senior Security Strategist, examine the latest account takeover and new account fraud techniques and discuss how advanced cybercrime tools evade current fraud prevention technologies. The webinar includes a deep dive into the criminal underground, reviewing how criminals from all over the world discuss, buy, and sell victims’ data. Finally, the webinar concludes with a discussion of the latest and most effective approaches to protect oneself against these evolving threats.

View this webinar to learn:
  • New techniques criminals use to steal user account credentials and personally identifiable information (PII)
  • The latest evasion tactics used to bypass current security solutions
  • Steps you can take to protect your business from account takeover and new account fraud

Webinar Recording

New Account Fraud and Account Takeover:
How Criminals Target Customers’ Identities