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At the end of September 2012 the FBI issued a warning to financial institutions noting that fraudsters are now targeting their employees with advanced malware. Criminals have been using variants of Zeus and other advanced malware such as keyloggers and Remote Access Trojans to capture employee credentials and take over corporate endpoints.  These attacks leverage employee access rights to bank systems to fraudulently execute high value money transfers.

In this webinar, Yishay Yovel, Vice President of Marketing for Trusteer, presents a view of the shifting threat landscape and the gaps in enterprise defenses. Yishay discusses best practices and practical solutions to mitigate the increased risk of financial fraud from attacks on employee computers.

In this webinar you will learn:

About the recent attacks on employee endpoints that place financial assets at risk
Why attacks are expanding from bank customers to bank employees
What are the gaps in enterprise security that allow such attacks to occur